DataSecure maintains several Service Delivery Centers across Global locations to provide clients with the “virtual capacity” to quickly respond to emerging technology. These delivery centers help meet business needs and thus fast-track, cost-optimize and develop technology excellence towards their pursuits for business excellence and customer delight.


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Improve your security with our Cyber Threat Assessment

Research has shown that it is not a matter of “If” but “When” a breach will occur,  and this is true whether your organization is small, medium or large. This is because cybercriminals target internal systems and effectively by-pass organizations’ traditional security technologies.

However, our Cyber Threat Assessment helps to overcome the weakness of traditional security technologies and methods that may not be able to keep up with the increased sophistication of cybercriminal attacks.

Our Cyber Threat Assessment allows you to:
Uncover and identify cybercriminal intelligence
Gain evidence to the value of intelligence feeds
Identify threats and risks based on empirical evidence
Automate response by integrating with existing security infrastructure
Segment threats for further investigation
Additionally, our Cyber Threat Assessment:
  • Provides perspective on how cybercriminal intelligence can help to streamline and advance your security posture
  • Recommends future steps to improve your security to align with business objectives
Our Promise of Value
  • Seasoned and business-minded security consultants with over 10 years of experience.
  • Well-versed with legislative and regulatory frameworks in addition to industry- leading standards.
  • Commitment to collaborating closely with clients on security solutions